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And they had less than one-20th of that number in Normandy.That alone is an indication of where their priorities lay.-- Battle of Seelow Heights and the Fall of Berlin, March-May 1945 Campaign Preparations: An Operational Overview By Russ Rodgers USAREUR Command Historian Churchill and Roosevelt gave the idea little serious consideration; in fact, Churchill would have preferred to wait until 1945.In August 1942, a 6,000-man force, mostly Canadian, had launched a raid on the French port of Dieppe.The collapse of the German Army Group Center in June and July of 1944 set the stage for the final campaigns in the northern half of the eastern front.Though estimates vary widely, the losses in that campaign were nothing short of catastrophic.Lacking any defense in depth, the German front disintegrated, with Marshal Ivan Konevs 1st Ukrainian Front pushing west almost 300 miles.

The Wehrmacht had 58 divisions in the west, of which only 11 were deployed against the D-Day landings.At the same time, however, the Germans deployed 228 divisions in the east.Thus, the Germans had almost four times as many troops facing the Soviets.At no time after 6 June, 1944, did the German high command contemplate transferring forces from the east to the west to counter the Normandy landings, but 46 divisions, including some from France, were redeployed to the eastern front.Bagration showed, by the time the western Allies got around to launching their second front, which Stalin had been clamouring for since 1941, the Red Army almost didnt need it Geographically, Operation Bagration, dwarfed the campaign for Normandy.