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We’ll go through each section explaining what each one means and what you can do in each one.

Here you can apply simple settings to your Mac, locking out some of the more advanced features for your child.

What I did was create smart mailboxes in my mail app for filtering.5) Start setting limits Setting limits will be familiar to most parents, and once you’ve set up profiles you’re now able to set limits on what you children can do on your Mac, including which apps they can access, what they can use on the web, who they talk to and when they can use your computer.There’s also a miscellaneous section where you can apply extra settings to filter swearing, limit access to the printer and stop your children from changing their passwords.A couple of months ago, the Columbia University email system was moved over to Google Apps for faculty and it significantly affected my email workflow.The move meant I now have three gmail accounts, the other two being my personal email account, and one associated with the company I founded, Infinio.