Skype chats xxx

It's true that the IP address is not fixed, and not very user friendly, but that's unfortunately just the Internet.

Skype is just another application, so Norton Firewall doesn't distinguish "phone calls" from other Internet activity.

Most internet providers do not give their subscribers fixed IP addresses and I have never seen a recognizable name associated with "the computer attempting to access Skype" For example today "" IP address .56 tried to access my computer through Skype. Whois simply identifies the IP address as being one that is owned by Shaw Cable -a DSL ISP.

I have allowed some of these mystery computers to access my computer through Skype but no instant message windows open and there is no ringing suggesting someone is trying to call.

We don't know why Skype made the connection, nor what the other person will do when they connect to your Mac.

All we can do is tell you the application that is trying to let somebody connect to your Mac, and the address of the other person.

The URL for the Skype is passed in the "Service Url" field of the Contact Relation Update activity when the user adds your bot as a contact. Ok thats fair enough, but what i retrieved from the Service Url that comes in via a chat session for the same user and that URL works fine as mentioned if the user has already chatted to my bot before calling it.

I have a calling bot and i want to send a chat message to the Skype user as part of the chat, for example a confirmation of order message. Conversation = new Conversation Account(id: conversation Id. I am keeping this one open because i havent got a response to my above question.However I get the following error: Authorization for Microsoft App ID XXX failed with status code Forbidden If the Skype user starts a chat conversation with my bot prior to calling it then sending a chat message to them works fine. If i restart my bot AND all the fields are as is then i am unable to send a message to the user, only if the bot stays running can i send a message from a call.Is there any way to send a chat message to a Skype user without them first chatting to my bot? First(p = var user Account = new Channel Account(caller. Display Name); var bot Account = new Channel Account(callee. Display Name); var connector = new Connector Client(new Uri("")); var conversation Id = await connector. Create Direct Conversation Async(bot Account, user Account); IMessage Activity message = Activity. Also, in the event that you miss Contact Relation Update, is there any way to get a list of contacts and process that list in batch?Alternatively, if you trust the person, you can always allow just that person to access Skype.However this is not recommended, since the person may not be using the same computer next time they connect to your Mac. This is obviously not recommended at all as it leaves your Mac open, but if you trust that nobody will connect to your Mac using Skype except people you know, then you might find this option OK. I receive regular Norton firewall warnings "The computer "" is attempting to access on your computer. I have no way of knowing who the person trying to contact me is.