Updating oracle clob

This data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Go to View | Toad Options | Online | Enable user files syncing Benefits: - Each copy of Toad you have can be set up to use a single set of application data files.

By uploading scripts you think would be useful to the community of Toad Oracle professionals, you can be part of this worldwide script library.

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You have this option in: The new database type option lets you optimize SQL without using hints Right-click a SQL statement in the Editor and select Optimize | Auto Optimize SQL The following features now support Oracle databases running on Amazon RDS: Note: Some of the features listed are only available with the DB Admin Module.

Toad now supports IBM Rational Clear Case for version control.

Toad now supports mapping to multiple Work Directories (as available with Team Foundation Server) on the new Workspace tab of the Team Foundation Server Login Dialog.Back to Top A note about menu icons and toolbar buttons: An artist was employed to update a substantial portion of Toad's main menu, toolbar buttons, and Editor icons.Further work will continue in Toad to enhance more icons throughout the product.Visit the Toad World library to download both of these new documents: Toad Options now includes an Online section (View | Toad Options | Online) for new online features: - Project Lucy (available with the DB Admin Module DBA Suite Edition, and DBA Suite RAC Edition) - My Toad Monitor - Toad World.Note: When you log in to Toad World in the online options, you won't have to sign in each time you Open from Repository or Save to Repository within the Editor. These three new tools allow you to perform remote script execution using mobile devices, access public script files from a global repository and place your user files online, for backup and sharing across multiple computers.